Turner's Treasure Team Rates

Mike & Chris, $20,000 +
I helped on an estate search recently that produced 90 lbs of silver coins. The money was donate to seven charities.

Turner's Treasure Team provides a unique opportunity that gives people the chance to have their house and property searched by an experienced treasure hunter with the best equipment and know how.

By hiring us we will search to the best of our ability with integrity and honesty to find and return whatever is hidden, lost or forgotten in your house or on your property.

Please contact Chris Turner to discuss Rates and Terms involved in the search for your Forgotten Fortunes.

All travel expenses outside Vancouver BC such as, plane, car rental, gas and lodging will be added to the daily cost and must be paid in advance.

Payment must be issued prior to the search and check must cleared before we begin.

Any and all discoveries will be kept confidential.

Any photos or documented images will only be used on our website with the owner's permission.

Chris Turner has 50 years of treasure hunting experience and looks forward to helping you discover your Forgotten Fortunes.