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People hide their money!

Since the beginning of time and still to this day people have hidden their valuables for safekeeping's. If you ask yourself why… Here are a few reasons.

War Time

War time has caused many people throughout history to rush and hide their most valuable possessions (Gold, Silver, Cash, Jewellery & Paintings) in their homes and on their property, for safe keeping. After the war some were able to recover their valuables, many were not as fortunate.

Banks or financial institutions

Many individuals who grew up during the depression are hiding their money. They fear they may experience what their family went through before them. So they hide money as a way to feel secure.

Y2K… Do you remember the hype?

Do you remember the excitement about the year 2000 (Y2K) and what would happen if the power grids failed, banks would close and the only money in circulation will be that in the pockets and secret hiding places of people. Credit and debit cards will not work. Money would be frozen.

Crazy to think that only 24 years ago people feared the worst and most likely took out all their money from the banks and bought gold & silver coins and hid their life savings until the fear of the Y2K was over. That being said how many put their money back in the bank? And how may have died and to this day their fortune is hidden somewhere in their home or on their property. This is just one of many reasons why people would hide their valuables.

Some people didn't trust their spouse

Husbands and wives hide their money & valuables from each other in order to have a safety net encase of a sudden break up.

People hide money and valuables because they don't trust their family

This is the same situation as the above example. There always have been and always will be internal money problems with some families, and for some, hiding their money so that no family member knows about it is the answer… some take it to their grave!

Many people hide money with the intention of giving it to their family or spouse

Unfortunately they die suddenly without ever telling anyone about their secret hiding spot and the money is never found. Happens all the time!


Before there were banks in North America and still to this day people have buried and hidden their money and valuables in their homes & yards.

Do you have a story about someone in your family who buried their life savings and maybe forgot where he or she buried it?

Did your grandparents tell stories of riches hidden in their house or on their property?

Do you know the history of your house and who owned it before you? Make sure you're not walking away from something your family member or one of the many pervious owners before you had left behind for safe keepings…

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If you're curious and want to find out if these stories could be true, the first thing to do is have a complete house & property search and make sure your not walking away from your Forgotten Fortune!